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Wade's Thanksgiving Recipes
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Monday, March 8, 2010

What Happened To The Oscars!!!

I am a huge Oscar fan! I love the entire week leading up to this big day. For some reason this years show and award week SUCKED! No parties, no gifting suites and very little fan faire. Is it because the economy is so bad, that no one really cares? Or the fact that everyone is skimming buy and seeing celebrities in all their gowns & jewels. Just shameful? For what ever reason, nobody really embraced this tradition with any excitement. Have the Oscars become a thing of the past?

In ten years will celebrity be a thing of the past...??? I wonder. Three years ago you couldn't even carry all the free swag you got. Or count how many parties you were invited to. This year, no gifts, no parties & no fun!

Thank god it's OVER! Time to get back to reality. They made a great effort though!!!

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